Nothing Like Starry Watermelon

Nothing Like Starry Watermelons

So, it’s been a while since I’ve baked cookies- it’s mad hot here in Mumbai & a hotter kitchen is terrifying! This morning tho, I happened to stumble upon my darling cookie cutter stash ( yes, I have a whole bunch of ’em, extravagant purchases from X’mas ’13- also known as the Gingerbread Man/Cookie Era ) and decided to get a little crafty!
All you really need is a largish watermelon, a bunch of fresh mint leaves & the cookie cutter of your choice!
I then plunked the cut fruit chunks in a glass with torn mint & chilled in the ‘fridge!
Maybe I’ll drizzle a little lime or honey & toasted sesame seeds on ’em or maybe will just eat the whole lot as is 😀 Any way you look at it, just the pretty shapes’re enough to get you fruit friendly , this summer!

Honey Yogurt & Berry Snack

Prowling around the kitchen last evening and suddenly came up with this ( healthy-ish) idea!! Tiny & tasty, gotta try this yummy yogurt treat. It’s fast, easy & creamily delicious! The best thing is, I got to use up leftover bits-pretty neat!



You Need:

300g probiotic yogurt (Hung for a couple of hours, for a creamier & yummier texture)

2 tsps honey

2-4 large ripe strawberries

4-6 almonds

4-6 dried raisins

2 Shrewsbury biscuits (or Digestive biscuits for a healthier option!)

You Gotta:

  • Wisk the hung yogurt along with honey till smooth & silky in texture.
  • Cut one strawberry into thin slices- set this aside. The remaining strawberries to be roughly chopped up along with the raisins.
  • Finely slice a couple of almonds for garnish – set aside. Mince remaining almonds for mix.
  • Add the chopped fruit & sliced almonds to honey yogurt . Mix well. The mix should now have a pale pink colour !
  • In a tallish shot glass begin by layering the bottom with chunkily crushed biscuits. Next, line up the strawberries around the inner wall of the glass, before spooning in the yogurt mix. If fussy food isn’t your thing, avoid this step & instead just layer in the yogurt berry mix!
  • Lastly top up the glass with the yoghurt mix & swirl! Sprinkle top with finely sliced almonds & you’re done!