Nothing Like Starry Watermelon

So, it’s been a while since I’ve baked cookies- it’s mad hot here in Mumbai & a hotter kitchen is terrifying! This morning tho, I happened to stumble upon my darling cookie cutter stash ( yes, I have a whole bunch of ’em, extravagant purchases from X’mas ’13- also known as the Gingerbread Man/Cookie Era ) and decided…

Lime + Mint + Honey

When sipping on plain old water gets boring, add chopped mint leaves, lime juice & honey to a jar of chilled water with chrushed ice! Delicious & fresh, sip thru the day ! image from Pinterest!

Sunday Waffles thru the Week!

Indigo Deli at Andheri, Mumbai, serves up the most delicious waffles with a ton of accompaniments… I had mine with honey, maple syrup, butter ( skipped ), whipped cream & their special preserves- delicious cherry, I was pleased to discover!

Honey Yogurt & Berry Snack

Prowling around the kitchen last evening and suddenly came up with this ( healthy-ish) idea!! Tiny & tasty, gotta try this yummy yogurt treat. It’s fast, easy & creamily delicious! The best thing is, I got to use up leftover bits-pretty neat!   You Need: 300g probiotic yogurt (Hung for a couple of hours, for…