Buttery Chai Cookies- (Made with real tea leaves)


Have to admit, I’m more of a coffee fiend than a Chai person. But with the way it’s been raining in Bombay, I find myself reaching out towards the old tea tin more and more often these days. For now, I’ve succumbed and I only have the weather to blame!

And to make matters completely awesome, I stumbled upon this childishly easy recipe last evening. Flash of a whisk later, I found myself swooning in the rich aroma of tea & 24 warm chai cookies richer!
If tea is your thing,you gotta try this mad easy recipe!

All you need:
2 cups plain flour
230gm room temp butter( I used regular salted)
1/2 cup castor sugar
2 tbs your favourite loose leaf tea, dry. Smaller leaves are better:)
1 tsp Vanilla ( optional )

You gotta:
Lightly stir together the dry tea leaves and flour. Add in the sugar, vanilla & butter and pat gently into a pliable but flaky dough!
Lay out plastic /cling wrap on clean and dry kitchen counter. Place a ball of dough & shape a log , say 2″ thick and wrap firmly. (Make sure there aren’t too many cracks on the surface). I made two of these, tho mine strangely turned out more of a square log than circular-guessing you’d have better moulding skills than me:) Place in fridge for 30 mins to firm up!

Preheat oven to 190 C, line baking tray with butter paper. When logs are firm, gently unwrap and slice into 1/2″ pieces! You should get about 24 bits. Arrange on tray with 1″ gaps and bake for 12 mins or till cookies are a light brown.
By now your house’ll be infused with the lovely aroma of freshly brewed tea- it’s the best , no comparison at all! Once out of oven, allow the cookies to cool by transferring onto a wire rack! I’d totally recommend pouncing on them immediately after, coz there’s nothing greater than a warm-just-outta-oven cookie…and if you have cup of steaming hot chai at arms length; you’re completely sorted 🙂
Bring on the rain!!


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