Simbly Super Udipi Coffee!


For me, an all time favorite pit stop when hunger strikes, is an Udipi restaurant. Super fast & efficient service, steaming hot meals at very affordable prices, these bustling & delicious joints are dotted all over Mumbai & most of India.

Udipi is a town in Karnataka, India, known for it’s delicious cuisine made from indigenous ingredients such as fresh coconut, grains & lentils. Because of its fame for simple but legendary snacks & its brilliant grasp of the fast food industry, Udipi lends its name to this cuisine.

I usually attack the neighboring Udipi joint for their crispy Dosas & steaming hot Idlis, but these days, I’m smitten by their version of instant coffee! Somehow, I prefer this ultra luscious concoction to the staple Filter Coffee- coz it’s sweet, sticky & steaming hot! I love the little portions of milky coffee, messily slopped into tiny cups & liberally dotted with extra coffee granules! It’s an indescribable sensation of slowly sipping one of these treats in an overly crowed Udipi restaurant, watching the world bustle by! It’s more magical when enjoyed after a particularly toothsome Coconut Uttapam or two.

To make the most of a rainy weekend, I’d recommend you head out to the nearest Udipi for a cuppa & meal!

If in Borivali west, swing by Deepak Restaurant – it’s simbly sensational!

Deepak Only Veg

14, Laxmichhaya, LT Road, Babhai Naka, Borivali West, Mumbai

022 28916666, 022 28930730 


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