The Laziest Ice Cream Sandwich Ever

What do you do with leftover vanilla ice cream, most likely wedged deep in the freezer? Well, other that raiding it at midnight, here’s a more creative way at demolishing it. 

Also a great idea when you’ve got the gang coming over ‘coz it takes barely 15 minutes to assemble with another couple of hours in the freezer. Once you’re done, you’ve got stylish little sandwiches, you can brag about forever! 



Ice cream sandwiches have always intrigued & inspired – there’s nothing more delicious than biting through a layer chewy biscuit & straight into sweet & creamy, possibly nutty, ice cream! Surprisingly, whipping up a batch of these pretty treats is easier than it looks-a perfectly suited to the lazy foodie!

For the filling, all you need is a tub of slightly softened vanilla ice cream, a handful of chopped almonds & fresh or dehydrated berries. (Fresh is always a better option, ‘coz of the lovely colour it lends to the dish). Basic digestive biscuits or even chunky cookies make the outer layers. You’ll also need some handy cling wrap & if you want to all out & impress, grab a bunch or greaseproof paper & string!

Assembly is the easiest part, and the quicker you are , the neater the results. Once the ice cream has been sat out for 5 minutes, whiz the nuts & fruits with it-but leave the pieces chunky. Quickly spread a dollop of the mixture between two biscuits & wrap each individual sandwich firmly with the Clingfilm. Pop the batch in the freezer & leave for 2 hours.

Before serving you may unwrap the Clingfilm & rewrap in greaseproof paper with a bit of pretty string. This step is avoidable, ‘tho goes a long way if impressive presentation is what you are aiming for!

 Note of Caution: These make great post dinner poppers when you’ve got company but are so tempting, even during assembly, that they may or may not make it to the table 😉



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