Simple Uttapam

Actually a breakfast favorite, the delicious Uttapam is a South Indian snack. Really simple to make and quite light to eat! I whipped up a batch for dinner tonight, and was so good, had to share!20130315-223900.jpg

You need:
1 Onion finely chopped
1,Tomato finely chopped
1 Green Chili finely minced
Coriander , a bunch minced
1/2 kg Rice and dal batter( or better still buy ready dosa batter )
A pinch of Asafetida
Salt to taste
Vegetable oil

Preparing the pan:
This is an almost sacred ritual of all dosa makers. ( I do it coz, seriously, you don’t want to mess with tradition – especially when a crisp and well cooked uttapam is at stake!)
Sprinkle salt on a flat non stick heavy pan or flat griddle. Wipe off the salt when it smokes. Then,
on full heat drizzle a little oil on the pan , then sprinkle water on it , let it sizzle and give the pan a clean wipe with a damp cloth. Careful , don’t burn your fingers! The pan is now ready to use.
Check the consistency of the batter, you may want to add a little water to suit your taste. Add the asafetida and salt, mix well.
Preparing the Uttapam:
Take a large (soup) spoonful of the batter and pour in the center of the hot and prepared pan. Spread the batter in a circular manner, with the base of the spoon, till even. It should resemble a crepe! While the batter is still wet sprinkle the chopped vegetable liberally on top. At this point you may want to dribble a little oil all around the flat pancake so that
it crisps up well. Scoop around the edges of the pancake and when the base looks golden and crisp, flip over to cook the other side.
Once done, serve immediately with a big dollop of tangy coriander chutney.



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